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Candy's Back in Town!!!!!!!

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Welcome to my new Official home on the web

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Hi Sweet Candy Fans

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Well it's been awhile and I decided to get with the program and the computer age and say Hello to as many "Candy" fans as possible I've been in contact with some of you over the years when you wrote into my "Candy Samples" column in "Juggs Magazine" and I enjoyed the personal contact with you.

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Also I have thousands of pictures, some you've seen but alot of them are my personal pictures of me in Europe and around the world, dancing and taking my clothes off on stage and loving every minute of it.
During my career the most fun I had was doing photo layouts especially when I first started and dancing on stage.
I've always been a nudist at heart which is surprising as I'm from the conservative midwest

However when I was bouncing down the street in Marina Del Rey Calif. and Dick J. approached me to model for him and when he said it was nude modeling, I thought maybe. About two weeks later I called him and my career was launched.

Nudity was fine with me but low and behold was I surprised when I got in front of the camera. I got turned on and to me the camera was a guy and I wanted to turn him on like I was turned on. Who would ever have guessed ? JOIN my web site as I would LOVE to get acquainted